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We save our clients time and money with our on-demand consulting services, giving you peace of mind and the support you need even before you think you need it.


We offer professional, ethical and accurate auditing services for all heavy vehicle accreditation programs and modules. We are sticklers for crossing our ‘t’s and dotting our ‘i’s, giving you confidence in a job well done.


Learn from an industry leading trainer without the boring and complicated legal jargon. Custom in-house programs, up to date knowledge and skills to share with your and your team. Learn from the best.

How we work: Clarify, Simplify and Comply

How we help our clients and their workers get home safely:


Taking stock of where you are right now with your CoR & Safety Compliance so you have a clear picture of any actions that need to be taken to improve


No complicated legal jargon or wordy documents. We want it to be simple for you and your team to comply so you all go home safely at the end of the day


With our ongoing support you will have the peace of mind that you are up to date with necessary systems and policies, and be ahead of the rest when things change

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We make safety and compliance easy

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About Know The Road, and Founder

Jodie Broadbent

Founder of Know The Road, Jodie Broadbent, is a consultant, auditor and trainer for those involved in the supply chain, with a particular focus on safety and compliance. With over 30 years experience in the industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of view points, with the key goal to make safety and compliance easy, enabling your team to go home safely, and allowing you to sleep at night.

Connect with Jodie on the usual socials pages for quick snippets and updates that can help you.
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