Frequently Asked Questions

The HVNL covers a range of people, including truck drivers, their managers and employers, and those who engage transport companies. You may be covered by the HVNL even though you don’t drive a truck to cart freight. Perhaps you’re a plumber or bricklayer, and you drive a small truck for work – this law may apply to you.

This depends on the size of your company and the work you’d like us to do! We could do something quick & easy, like a gap analysis, or something more involved, like setting up systems for accreditation. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs and prepare an obligation free quotation.

Yes, we can help guide you with aspects of understanding your obligations under the HVNL. We do not offer legal advice, and we recommend for more complex issues that you seek legal advice; however, for simple things like load restraint, counting time, fatigue management and other operational matters, we can help.

The 100km+ radius is the boundary for drivers of fatigue regulated heavy vehicles to commence keeping a record of their work and rest hours in a work diary. The work diary may be written (National Driver Work Diary) or it might be electronic (Electronic Work Diary, or EWD). The best website to use for determining the radius can be found at this link: https://www.calcmaps.com/map-radius/ Enter the address of your Driver Base – this is usually your depot and this is the address recorded in your work diary for that purpose. Then click on
Search. Use the dropdown to select 100km and the circle that appears on the map shows you the boundary. If you drive outside that boundary, then you need to keep your work diary for that day, not just from when you drive outside the boundary.

It is an area we are considering, because we know how hard it is to get good drivers at short notice. We also know that some truck drivers may not want to work full time anymore, but who don’t want to stop driving entirely. If you’re a company that’s looking for temporary drivers to help fill gaps when your employees take leave, email us your details on jodie@knowtheroad.com.au If you’re a driver who no longer wants to work full time, but maybe just do a trip here & there, give us a call on 0499 099 221.

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