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Founder of Know The Road, Jodie Broadbent, is a consultant, auditor and trainer for road freight supply chain managers and teams, with a particular focus on safety and compliance. With over 30 years experience in the industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of view points, with the key goal to make safety and compliance easy, enabling your team to go home safely, and allowing you to sleep at night.

Jodie’s ability to listen, ask questions, and provide friendly guidance is welcome in an industry where the focus is often on the threat of a jail sentence or hefty fines as a baton to force change.
Instead she chooses to focus on being able to build relationships with everyone, from drivers through to senior management and business owners, ensuring a connected view for all parties, and a deep understanding of how each piece interacts and connects within the supply chain.

This ultimately benefits you, with less stress, smoother work flows, and better outcomes for your team. Her speciality is also in supporting drivers, who are often given incorrect information about what they should do to comply. Her goal is to give back to drivers, and offers free, confidential chats to drivers via the Freebie Friday link. If the times available aren’t suitable, simply book a time and make a note in the comments of your preferred time.

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